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Good Inheritance Tax planning allows you to maximise your assets to your family and friends.

Inheritance Tax is tax that may be payable on what people give away during their lifetime or when they die. Everyone is allowed to give assets of a certain amount exempt from Inheritance Tax, the so called Nil Rate Band. For the current Tax Year the Nil Rate Band is set at £325,000 (2018/2019). In addition to the Nil Rate Band, your estate may be eligible for a further amount exempt from Inheritance Tax - the Residence Nil Rate Band - when your residence is passed on death to one or more direct descendants. This measure has come into effect for relevant transfers on death on or after 6 April 2017. 

If there is a possibility that Inheritance Tax may be payable on your death, careful planning of your estate may reduce the bill. Although Inheritance Tax laws are now in favour of married couples or those in a registered partnership, the need to take appropriate tax planning measures is still necessary for many of us. Inheritance Tax planning is even more important for unmarried couples as they cannot automatically make use of the same favourable tax regime that married couples and registered partners are entitled to. 

We work with a small number of carefully selected Financial Advisers and Accountants who can provide additional expert assistance when it comes to Estate and Inheritance Tax planning. Should the circumstances so require, then with your permission we can introduce you to one of our trusted advisers and work closely with them to ensure all arrangements complement each other. 

Contact Cambridge Wills & Legal Services to find out more. 

We felt immediate trust and confidence during our consultation / appointment when making our Wills. It has been an efficient, personalised service, which we could highly recommend.
Jo Stubbs and Liz Johnson - February 2018
Comprehensive Wills and LPAs completed in a thorough, professional and timely manner. Totally satisfied.
John and Diane, Godmanchester - January 2018
We have been very impressed by the service we have received from Anthonine at Cambridge Wills. Home visits made the process feel more informal and personal without compromising on professionalism and efficiency.
Mr & Mrs H, Swavesey - April 2016
We were very impressed with the service received. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and supportive across the whole process.
Sam & Hayley Williams, St Neots - March 2016
Excellent service provided without making everything difficult to understand. Friendly and very helpful, keeping to times arranged. Thank you for all your help.
Sally Houghton, Cambridge - October 2017
We would recommend Cambridge Wills to anybody; they provide an excellent service and explain everything in a way that is easy to understand.
Matt Ensell, Ely - March 2017
A very quick understanding of our requirements, with all documents clearly explained and very professionally presented.
Mr and Mrs D - May 2017



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